2012 NAB Show: Sony will exhibit the new NEX-FS700E 4K cinema camera and .....

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 The current Sony FS100 (pictured) will get a 4K companion at NAB.

According to eoshd, Sony will announce the NEX-FS700E 4K cinema camera at 2012 NAB Show. It will be available in June for a provisional $8000.

The FS700 does 4K via 3G HD-SDI to an external recorder. The FS700 is said to include 3 internal ND filters yet retains the NEX E-mount. Looks like they found some space for those missing FS100 NDs after all!

The slow mo function of the FS100 has been ramped up to a massive 960fps. This is at a reduced resolution. Other slow motion options includes 120, 240 and 480. It isn’t clear whether the camera records internally to 1080p or the full 4K. It is possible internal 4K will come with a paid firmware update. Another question mark is over who will provide the external 4K recording box. 

Gamma curves are as the F3. It also has a stills mode (4K is 8MP).

Model: NEX FS700E
List price: $8000 / €8000 (provisional)
Release date: June 2012
Specs: 4K, 3G HD SDI, Super35mm Exmor HD CMOS

 Other products Sony will exhibit at NAB are:

Name: F65 CineAlta digital motion picture camera

Description: Sony’s F65 CineAlta™ camera’s unprecedented 8K image sensor offers higher image fidelity than other digital cinema cameras, and is the gateway to an end-to-end 4K file-based mastering workflow.


Sony’s F65 Cine@lta™ digital motion picture camera represents a significant technological advancement for content creators. Since it was announced just a few months ago, the F65 has been in high demand by the motion picture production industry, with pre-orders for approximately 400 units worldwide.

 The F65 has been tested by a range of DPs and production professionals, and major studio F65 projects are currently in progress. Sony pioneered 4K technology with its 4K digital cinema projector, and has delivered more than 11,000 projectors to movie theaters worldwide. The F65 camera raises the bar further, with an 8K image sensor that allows productions professionals to derive “true” 4K content. The F65 camera’s unprecedented 8K image sensor, with approximately 20 total megapixels, offers higher image fidelity than any other digital cinema production camera. With 16-bit Linear RAW File output capability, the F65 creates the gateway to an end-to-end 4K file-based mastering workflow. 

Sony OLED Professional Monitors

Description: Sony’s OLED technology includes: the PVM line, used in editing, dallies review, graphics generation, and special effects; the BVM F series, for technical image evaluation, and the BVM E series for cinematic production.


Sony’s full line of professional OLED is offered in three series. The PVM line includes the PVM-740 (7.4 inch), PVM-1741 (17 inch), and the PVM-2541 (25 inch). These are used in editing, dallies review, graphics generation, and special effects. The step-up BVM F series includes the BVM-F170 (17 inch) and BVM-F250 (25 inch), used for technical image evaluation. 

The BVM E series includes the BVM-E170 (17 inch) and BVM-E250 (25 inch), Sony’s flagship models used for cinematic production. They include wider gamut display and follow the Digital Cinema Initiative recommendations for imaging. The 25-inch BVM-E250 and 17-inch BVM-E170 -- boast several features specifically designed for professional master monitoring. The first monitors to deliver full HD resolution OLED panels with 10-bit drivers, the BVM-E Series uses a newly developed Sony Professional Display Engine.  The TRIMASTER EL lineup is refined with its new EL (electro-luminescence) displays, expanding the capabilities of Sony’s TRIMASTER™ technology.

Name: Sony NEX-FS100U camcorder

Description: Sony's NEX-FS100U is an E-mount camcorder equipped with a Super 35mm CMOS sensor. The NEX-FS100U Super 35mm camcorder is equipped with an Exmor™ Super35 CMOS Sensor, with high sensitivity to produce footage with shallow depth of field.


At NAB 2012, Sony is showing its full line of Super 35 mm professional camcorders, including the NEX-FS100U, an E-mount camcorder equipped with a Super 35mm CMOS sensor. The NEX-FS100U Super 35mm camcorder is equipped with an Exmor™ Super35 CMOS Sensor. 

The large-format sensor’s high sensitivity enables it to produce footage with shallow depth of field similar to that of a film camera. The NEX-FS100U adopts the Sony E-mount interchangeable lens system. The camcorder’s very short flange back distance (the distance between the lens mount and sensor surfaces) allows various Sony A-mount lenses to be used via a mount adaptor (LA-EA1). It is also possible to attach a range of other lenses, using compatible third-party mount adaptors.