The Reliability of Vulnerability Management System and Messaging Security System

A networked computer system consists of one server that administers all computing tasks done within the network. Because a network system consists of numerous computers, including its server, all client computers, and millions of computers located in different parts of the world to which the server is connected through the internet, and those computers are operated by a lot of different people, the network as well as all computers within are highly vulnerable to intrusions, security breaches, and malware attacks. For this reason, a Vulnerability Management system that can assess, remediate and mitigate the vulnerability level of the network is required.

This management system uses a systematic program to prevent vulnerabilities within the network from causing problem. This program starts by defining the security policy of the network system. In this stage, policies defining the expected security state of the network system are laid out. Those policies define the access privilege rules, devices and implements that are permitted to be used in the network, and many other factors that affect the overall security state of the network environment. After those policies are laid out, the network environment is assessed to find out whether there are policy violations that occur. These violations are then to be called vulnerabilities. Those vulnerabilities are then categorized based on their severity so that prioritization of vulnerabilities mitigation can be done. After being categorized, those vulnerabilities are then mitigated according to priority order. After all vulnerabilities are mitigated, the program will monitor the environment to detect any vulnerability that recurs and to scrutinize new types of vulnerabilities that may occur. This management system thus organized an endlessly ongoing program that is beneficial in keeping the network environment perfectly secured.

Another system that is also important in maintaining the security state of a network system is Trend Micro Messaging Security system. This security system protects the network environment from threats that are sent through email messages. There are various methods that are used by this system to perform its protective duties. Firstly, it blocks emails that are received from computers whose IP address is regarded as undesirable. Secondly, it blocks malwares sent through emails by using its integrated mail antivirus system. Thirdly, it can also identify spam emails by investigating their pattern. There are many other methods that are used by this system to identify threats and to mitigate them. Installing this system on a network environment is thus an advisable effort that should be done by enterprises that use networked computer system.